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Friday, August 16, 2013

Dear UESCenglishQUEST users,

Idea Factory: UESC English Language Teaching Convention

Next week at the State University of Santa Cruz, hereafter now on UESC, the Letras & Artes Department is hosting an event called Idea Factory: UESC English Language Teaching Convention 2013, on August 21st , where the English language is used all the time, which makes the event an experience of linguistic immersion.

The main objectives of the event are:

  • To approach the teachers and students of PARFOR-English, Letras, LEA and PIBID-English, professionals and institutions which are dealing with the teaching of this language in the region covered by the UESC;
  • To promote the release of relevant works of regional, national and/or international authors in the field of teaching and learning of English;
  • To offer participants the opportunity to immerse in an entire day devoted to English, exchange experiences in the field of teaching and learning of English;
  • To provide opportunity for the dissemination of projects, actions and language courses, in regard to the English language.
Click on the next image and check the list of the confirmed presences, information about how to make your registration and more description on the event. YOU CAN'T MISS THAT!

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